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Dr. Věra Šatánková

Plastic surgeon, Chief of medicine at the clinic

Dr. Šatánková has been practicing plastic and aesthetic surgery for over 25 years. She started her career as a scientist and researcher at Plastic Surgery Clinic at University Hospital Královské Vinohrady at the Burns Department, and specialized in treatment of extensive burn injuries. She became assistant Professor, performed plastic surgery procedures and educated students of the IIIrd Medical School of Charles’s University. After almost 10 years, she transferred to the Institute of Medical Cosmetics, then the only facility in the country specialized in aesthetic surgery. In 1994 she had established and successfully operated her own Plastic Surgery Clinic with the exclusive focus on cosmetic surgery. This facility was one of the most renowned and sought after clinics among both domestic and international clientele. Many TV broadcasts and educational films about aesthetic procedures for Czech and British TV stations were made at her private facility.

Since 2007 she had been in the USA as a special consultant for plastic surgery. She was awarded permanent residence for her exceptional abilities in medicine.

Upon return from the USA, Dr. Věra Šatánková had become the Chief Surgeon of the Department of Plastic Surgery at OB Clinic Prague, where she performed the entire range of aesthetic procedures, as well as corrective procedures after excessive loss of weight. From 2012 to 2016 she was managing the Department of Plastic Surgery at the ISCARE clinic in Prague. Thanks to her surgical and managerial skills it has become a world-class facility.

Dr. Šatánková is a member of the Czech Medical Chamber, American Medical Association, Czech Society of Plastic Surgery, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Czech Medical Society J.E. Purkyně, Czech Society of Burns Surgery, American Burns Association, Allergan Academy, and many other associations. She is licensed for private practice, as educator in medical practice, as medical representative, and for advisory services in surgery and plastic surgery. She gained experience at many specialized plastic surgery facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, and the USA.

Dr. Šatánková authored several articles in medical journals, as well as many publications in prestigious newspapers and periodicals. She is a very frequent guest of TV and radio broadcasts regarding plastic and aesthetic surgery.



Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

Lip Enhancement

Forehead Lift

Eyelid Surgery

Surgery of the Nose (Rhinoplasty)

Surgery of the Ear (Otoplasty)

Hair Transplantation

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New Leaf Cosmetic Surgery Price List – Dr. Věra Šatánková

Here are some guide prices of the most popular procedures as asked for from our patients.

We will provide a FREE non binding, online consultation with prices on request. In order to receive this please send your photographs from front and side to newleafwls@gmail.com and I will get you a personalised price within approximately 48 hours. It is not always, however, possible to know the exact price until after personalised consultation with the surgeon as they need to see skin quality, muscle quality and other things that may change the price after consultation. All patients must have a BMI of less than 35 for body surgery. There may be an additional charge in some cases if there is a likelihood of longer and riskier surgery.

Body Reshaping Surgery
Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) € 2790
Buttock Augmentation € 3100
Mini Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) + Liposuction € 2110
Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) with liposuction € 3090
Labiaplasty – Labial reduction € 1390
Thigh lift abroad – Prague € 2420
Upper Arm Lift (Reduction of skin + Liposuction) € 1970

Breast surgery

Male breast reduction – gynecomastia € 1850
Breast uplift € 2450
Breast augmentation (enlargement) with round implants € 2900
Breast augmentation (enlargement) with anatomic implants € 3500
Breast reduction € 2600
Breast augmented uplift with implants € 3550
Inverted Nipple Correction (both) € 970
Fat-transfer from € 4000

Face and head Surgery

Lower eye lids (blepharoplasty) € 790
Upper and lower eye lids (blepharoplasty) € 1290
Upper eye lids (blepharoplasty) € 750
Otoplasty – Bat ears correction abroad – Pinnaplasty € 1000
Double chin liposuction € 940
Neck lift € 2220
Lip enlargement (dermal fillers – Restylan) € 950
Lip enlargement (surgical) € 950
Forehead lift € 1880
Endoscopic Browlift Endotine € 2950


Facelift – SMASS € 2790
Facelift SMASS with chin liposuction € 2900
Facelift SMASS with upper eyelids € 3540


Liposuction – small volume (Local Anaesthesia) € 970
Liposuction – medium (General Anaesthesia) € 2090
Liposuction – large volume (General Anaesthesia) € 2510
BodyTite Liposuction (Radiorequency)
small volume (Local Anaesthesia) € 1720
medium volume € 2840
large volume € 3590

Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, Nose job)

Rhinoplasty – complete nose surgery € 2030
Rhinoplasty – nasal tip only € 1100
Rhinoplasty with Septoplasty – complete nose surgery € 2330


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As a loyalty bonus to New Leaf clients

  • New Leaf clients will receive €150/£125 reimbursement towards their accommodation costs for stays of over 5 nights
  • FREE transfers to and from the airport.
  • Special offer 10% Mommy makeover (breasts and tummy tuck)
  • All prices include clinic nights, surgery, medication, compression garments plus a visit from nurse to the hotel for patients staying longer than 5 nights
  • Pre op tests €175
  • Breast Ultrasound €80
  • Clients will need to arrive in Prague day before surgery for consultation in the evening and stay for one week after most major surgery before flying home

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