Vera Satankova

Client 1 – Louise

I had a tummy tuck with liposuction and liposuction to flanks in March 2015. She is a great surgeon and a very nice person too. She listened to what I wanted and told me exactly what was achievable. I highly recommend her as a plastic surgeon, she did a great job on me.  I am delighted with my results.

I have previously had weight loss surgery with New Leaf and the support that you receive from the amazingly caring Amanda and her team is outstanding. I am delighted to know that Vera is joining the New Leaf portfolio of surgeons. Vera’s talent as a surgeon and Amanda’s support is a match made in heaven.

Everything Excellent – Suchomelka

Excellent breast modeling and facial facelift


The breasts I’ve always dreamed of – Helca

Girls, I have beautiful breasts! It was a miracle, thanks to Dr. Šatánková, I have from my small, unbalanced breast beautiful, naturally looking trojans, which I always dreamed of! When on plastic, just to her!

Angelic hands! – Claudio

After a few weeks of my abdominoplasty, I look fantastic, I feel fantastic, and I have to tell you, Doctor, that you have Angels’ hands. I highly recommend you and your clinic to everyone.

Operation of the upper eyelids at MUDr. Šatánkové – Janinka

I was on the upper eyelid surgery at MUDr. Šatánkové. The clinic is clean and the people very and very nice. The Doctor is a kind lady who has been very patient with me. The result is perfect.

Beautiful – Jarka V

Now I can admit, I have a beautiful beard. No one knew I was an operative, neither a friend nor my colleagues at work. The Doctor is great, no work can be paid for. I’m very grateful to her. And the stay at the clinic was cool. Jarka

Dr. Šatánková is the best plastic surgeon – Nose Operation – Pavel

Dr. Šatánková is the best plastic surgeon. I’ve been with her twice, I’ve never been to anyone else. I’ve got my nose and ears done. She has always been almost miraculous. It is a 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

Facelift with pull of the skin on the neck – Anonymous

Mrs. Doctor, thank you very much for a perfectly executed operation. I needed a complete facelift with pulling my skin off my neck. The result of the surgery is perfect. I’m absolutely happy and happy and all my friends and friends say that Mrs. Magician Doctor has told me how to do it. The staff is totally professional, cares above standard. I recommend the doctor and tell all my friends to improve their appearance only with Mrs. Šatánkový. Thanks again

Facelift – a return to life – Blanka

The Doctor was very nice and willing to me. Operation – facelift performed precisely and returned to me what was lacking for so many years. She is not only an excellent specialist but also a very nice lady. Blanka Kopřivová

Perfect work on the eyelids – Martina

Upper and lower eyelid surgery, absolutely perfect work. It was an excellent experience. If I get another sculpture, only with her. Martina H.

Finally, I have what I wanted – Breast Augmentation – Anonymous

Ugly sculpture made me wrong with breast surgery. So much for my new breasts! From the second operation, I was afraid how it would be. Thank God, this lady doctor with the golden hands rescued the situation and I have what I wanted. Jaroslava