New Leaf Cosmetic Dentistry Price List

Here are some guide prices of the most popular procedures as asked for from our patients.

We will provide a FREE non binding, online consultation with prices on request. In order to receive this please send your photographs from front and side to and I will get you a personalised price within approximately 48 hours. It is not always, however, possible to know the exact price until after personalised consultation with the surgeon as they need to see skin quality, muscle quality and other things that may change the price after consultation. All patients must have a BMI of less than 35 for body surgery. There may be an additional charge in some cases if there is a likelihood of longer and riskier surgery.

1 veneer € 498 (dependent on material)
20 veneers € 9960 (dependent on material)
Implant € 760/872 (dependent of the brand)
Crown for implant € 706
A bridge € 1453
Teeth whitening from: € 250
Root Canal :
Endodontics – definitive root canal filling (1 canal) € 105
Endodontics – definitive root canal filling (other canals) € 75
Endodontics – temporary (repeat) endodontics (mechanical and chemical treatment) € 63
Orthodontic braces fitted (there is every 5-6 weeks the doctor checkup so that means the client needs to get back to Prague) from € 1700


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