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Specialist in post weight loss body sculpting

We are unique in that we specialise in helping clients regain their bodies after weight loss. All our surgeons have vast experience with post weight loss patients and are experts in this very complex area of cosmetic surgery. All of our staff have had bariatric surgery and cosmetic surgery with our surgeons, so they understand and empathise with you and can help you set realistic expectations and support you with your journey.


Free limousine transfers from/to the airport or bus/train stations.


Our one-on-one, over-the-phone and online or email consultations are free and with no obligation. You’ll have a detailed overview of your appropriate treatment options or surgery requirements and the price giving you a realistic idea of what it’s likely to cost.


We provide top quality aesthetic surgery at affordable prices – up to 70% lower than UK, Ireland and Western Europe prices.

Personalised contact

We are unique in that all of our staff have had surgery with one of our clinics, so they know how you are feeling every step of the way and can empathise and advise you accordingly. You are provided with two co-ordinators throughout your stay. One from the clinic who will be your point of contact for your time there and will help you with medical matters and one from New Leaf who will help prepare you for your surgery, what to expect and be your point of contact in the UK for any questions or worries you may have, however small.


No hidden charges, no additional costs. The quoted price is final and All-Inclusive including clinic stay, transfers, superior after-surgery care, medications, remedies and special underwear to take home. Only additional cost is flights and hotel accommodation, but we even help towards these costs by providing cash back rewards towards hotel costs.


All of our English speaking surgeons are fully registered, qualified and certified as well as internationally recognised specialists, highly trained and innovative and also have many years of combined experience in all types of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.

Cash Back

£100 cash back to help towards hotel costs for all stays of 5 days and above (subject to a minimum spend of £3000)

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Our Clinics

Dr. Věra Šatánková

Plastic surgeon, Chief of medicine

Dr. Šatánková has been practicing plastic and aesthetic surgery for over 25 years. She started her career as a scientist and researcher at Plastic Surgery Clinic at University Hospital Královské Vinohrady at the Burns Department, and specialized in treatment of extensive burn injuries. She became assistant Professor, performed plastic surgery procedures and educated students of the IIIrd Medical School of Charles’s University. After almost 10 years, she transferred to the Institute of Medical Cosmetics, then the only facility in the country specialized in aesthetic surgery. In 1994 she had established and successfully operated her own Plastic Surgery Clinic with the exclusive focus on cosmetic surgery. This facility was one of the most renowned and sought after clinics among both domestic and international clientele. Many TV broadcasts and educational films about aesthetic procedures for Czech and British TV stations were made at her private facility.

Since 2007 she had been in the USA as a special consultant for plastic surgery. She was awarded permanent residence for her exceptional abilities in medicine.


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